Welcome to my website!

I have loved to bake since I was a young girl helping my mother in the kitchen. We used to have large family gatherings on holidays and there were so many scrumptious desserts.  Some were homemade and some came from the bakery.  I remember going to the bakeries in New York with my family and savoring the smells of the amazing baked goods. I think I knew even then that someday I would learn how to make those unforgettable cakes and cookies.


After working in the corporate world, my husband and I moved to Mississippi and we started our family.  We entertained quite a bit and I began trying out many different recipes for all kinds of desserts, including many of those delicious cakes and cookies from my childhood.


After moving to San Diego, in 1999, I began taking cake decorating classes and became very excited with my new skills.  Within a few years, I won first prize at the San Diego Cake show and began creating amazing cakes, candies and confections for my family.  Then for my friends, and for their friends and so on.


I believe that beauty is not just skin deep, and I use the highest quality ingredients and my own personal recipes to create confections that taste every bit as good as they look.


Today I am blessed to have a large number of personal and business clients, and together we explore new ideas to help create that perfect confection for every occasion.  I look forward to creating that very special treat for your very special event!


                                          Allison Weisman